October 17, 2018

Your Reward for Loving SP2

As an SP2 fan, we know you're loving fresh SP2, and now we want to offer you something truly great -- a way to earn cash back every month and possibly even get your SP2 completely free!

We are launching the SP2 Affiliate program!

As part of the Affiliate Program, you will receive 10% commission on sales that you drive to SP2, including subscriptions! If you refer a customer who subscribes to monthly refills, you'll earn 10% of their order value as a commission, every month!

This means that if you refer 10 or more customers in a month, your commission is equivalent to a one-month supply of SP2!

How It Works
When you sign up for the program, you will be given a trackable link. Any time you share that link on your social media, website, or directly in an email and someone clicks on it and purchases SP2, you will get credit for that sale.

If they purchase a monthly subscription product, you will get paid for each month of they're subscription as long as it's active. Recurring cash back!

Getting Paid
When someone buys SP2 after clicking on your unique URL, you'll get 10% of the purchase! Commissions will be paid at the start of every month via PayPal. 

Tracking Commissions
Want to see how many people have clicked on your unique link? And how many of those people ended up purchasing?

After you sign-up, you will have access to your very own affiliate dashboard with reports, metrics, and payment information. Perfect for trying new strategies when sharing your link and tracking how much you're getting back every month!


Ready to get started?!

Sign-up now to start earning your cash back every month!

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