July 06, 2018

A mountain running race is a venue to test your true limits, find your inner grit, and feel your greatest personal gains without the pressure to be the best, for the true prize is simply finishing the course. The Cirque Series is mountain running’s hottest series in the USA, starting from the base of world-famous ski resorts, grinding up exposed ridges and alpine cirques, topping out on windy peaks and descending back down with feeble quads to a celebratory finish.

Created by professional skier, Julian Carr, the Cirque Series is bringing together amateurs and professionals in a community competition that is one part comradery and one part suffering. SP2life is an official sponsor of the 2018 Cirque Series, helping athletes treat their body to the recovery they deserve.

Be on the lookout for SP2 Athletes in your local race.

Julian Carr
Amanda Basham
Nicklaus Combs
Kelly Halpin


Here is the Cirque Series Race line up for 2018.

Jun 30th - Brighton, UT
Jul 14th - Alta, UT
Aug 5th - Alyeska, AK
Aug 11th - Sun Valley, ID
Aug 18th - Arapahoe Basin, CO
Sep 8th - Snowbird, UT

Discrete Cirque Series

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What’s one of the biggest secrets to dominating an endurance feat in the mountains? Your diet.

Food is your fuel, recovery is as important as training, and diminishing muscle soreness is a must. A daily dose of SP2 spirulina is a natural superfood that acts as premium fuel for your mountain dash, providing the vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates you need to balance your body’s macronutrients as you push your body to its limit. Overcome dehydration and muscle fatigue before and after beating your body up from a mountain run by sipping on an SP2, water, citrus and sea salt drink to rehydrate and repair and rebuild muscle tissue post-workout. Read more to learn about how SP2life can help your body persevere mountain endurance feats.

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