April 30, 2018

Does your superfood check off all of the boxes?

The term superfood gets tossed around a lot these days. But what makes a superfood a superfood? SP2 Spirulina is one of the most nutrient-dense plants on earth and provides an array of health benefits that are not found in other foods on the market making it easier for you to maintain a well-balanced diet.

The importance of a balanced diet is especially crucial for athletes who have an increased need for vitamins and minerals above the standard recommendations. This is due to the added stress that they put on their bodies as well as increased sweat leading to additional loss of vitamins and minerals.


Calcium SP2 SpirulinaYour body doesn’t produce calcium so you must get it from other sources. According to theMayo Clinic, calcium helps build and maintain healthy bones and is linked to preventing cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Calcium isespecially essential for athletes who put strain on their bones, lose calcium in sweat, and have higher nutritional demands.

High-Quality Protein

Protein SP2 SpirulinaThe need of proteins is widely known in helping repair muscles and aid in muscle growth. Protein intake also correlates directly toenergy levels. Typically, plant-based protein is less anabolic (lower quality) compared to animal proteins. However, that is where SP2 Spirulina is different. Spirulina has shown to increasemuscle protein synthesis rates. What does this mean? This means that protein coming from SP2 Spirulina is exceptionally high-quality protein.


Potassium SP2 SpirulinaPotassium has a multitude of benefits for those living an active lifestyle. According to theCanadian Academy of Sports Nutrition, Potassium is one of the more critical electrolytes and helps prevent cramping. Other benefits of Potassium for athletes include supporting intense training sessions, aiding muscle growth, protecting against rhabdomyolysis, and replenishing glycogen stores by assisting in the conversion of glucose to glycogen.  

All Nine Essential Amino Acids

amino acids SP2 SpirulinaEssential amino acids are not produced by the body and must you must get it from other sources. This is why they are called Essential. These nine amino acids provide a wide range of health benefits from reducing fatigue, increasing endurance, reducing muscle breakdown, and supporting the converting of fat to energy.

Contains Vitamin E

Vitamin E SP2 SpirulinaVitamin E has a host of known benefits from balancing cholesterol, thickening your hair, to repairing damaged skin. However, it isessential for athletes, and active individuals as Vitamin E reduces oxidative stress on muscles, improves muscle strength, and improves blood circulation.

All B Vitamins

B Vitamins SP2 SpirulinaSP2 Spirulina contains every single B Vitamin. That’s a lot of vitamins! B vitamins help your bodyefficiently convert carbohydrates and fats into energy and help red blood cell growth and production even aiding in the production of hemoglobin. As you could imagine, ensuring the proper amounts of B Vitamins are in your diet can be incredibly beneficial to for active individuals.


antioxidants SP2 SpirulinaYou know what they say about too much of a good thing. Antioxidants are hot topics in today’s nutrition circles. This is because antioxidants reduce the stress response which also means that they potentially reduce adaptation which reduces athletic gaines. Without creating an oversupply, SP2 Spirulina has theright balance of antioxidants to complement your diet in today's busy life. Adding SP2 to your daily routine ensures you are getting a balanced diet.

All Natural & Vegan

Who needs plant-based when you can have the entire plant itself? SP2 Spirulina is an all natural plant grown under organic conditions. It is 100% vegan, all natural, and toxin free.

Quality Matters

SP2 is tested through the manufacturing process to ensure it only contains pure spirulina. This means there are no heavy metals, cyanotoxins, or other contaminants. Testing is done by a third-party.


Why is SP2 Fresh Spirulina different?

We flash freeze all of our spirulina where it is harvested and ship it directly to you. Frozen means our product is the highest quality, with the densest nutritional profile, in its most bio-available form. Taste, smell and feel the difference Fresh SP2 Spirulina will make in your life. Explore SP2 Life today.

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