April 24, 2018

Meet the SP2 Spirulina athlete team, a force of powerful athletes focused on proper nutrition for race day, recovery day, and everything in between. Whether they’re cycling around the world or simply enjoying a dose of SP2 spirulina in their morning smoothie, our athletes rely on fresh SP2 spirulina tobuild strength, stamina, and push their bodies beyond their known limits. 

Eamon Lucas,Pacific Grove, California

Eamon's Strava 

Eamon currently resides in Europe, where he continues to push is pedaling career through olive groves and fresh air. In 2017, Eamon placed first in ten races, including theElite Kermesse Oostkamp, Belgium, Red Hook Criterium London Top Antagonist, and Oakley Criterium Cittá Di Carpi Fixie Crit.He recently transitioned to plant-based diet and confesses to be in awe of how positive he feels, saying “Iwas a bit skeptical at first, but I really felt the benefits from using plant based nutritional products after just the first few days. It’s 100% natural, the body knows how to break it down, soak it up and disperse the nutrients.”

Hanna Muegge (aka “Moogy”),  Monterey, CA

Hanna's Instagram

Originally from Tübingen, Germany,Hanna has been a professional cyclist since 2014, placing first at the 2018 Cherry Pie Criterium, 2018 Bump Circuit Race, and recently set a personal record at the SMR Hill Climb. Like many athletes, Hannah has gone through numerous personal growth phases in her training regimine, experimenting with changes in diet, training, and overall habits. However, one thing that has never changed is her love for vegetables. She has forever been a plant-based athlete. Read morehere to see why Hanna loves SP2 spirulina.

James Beaumier,Morgan Hill, California

James' Instagram

The beginning for James's focus on a health occurred in 2000 when he was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease that causes long-lasting inflammation and ulcers in the digestive tract. However, his strength is apparent in both his diet and endurance. As an avid athlete that excels in Road Cycling Cat 2, Crit Racing, James increased his functional threshold power from 278 to 310 watts with the introduction of fresh SP2 spirulina in the past year. 


Cameron Piper,Morgan Hill, CA

Cam's Strava 

Cam has recently transitioned from Olympic Distance Triathlons to professional road cycling, recently finishing 2nd during the fourth stage of 2018 Tour de Taiwan, a Team Victory in the Tour de Thailand and individual wins at The Sea Otter Classic. With twelve months of sunshine and endless landscape, living in the Bay Area has transformed Cam’s love for cycling as he enjoys the scenery looping through the Santa Cruz mountains. 


Tyler Pearce,Bass Lake, California

The Vegan Cyclist

Also known as “The Vegan Cyclist”, Tyler has been a competitive cyclist for 8 years and is known for his 2nd place finish in Stage 1 ofChico and wearing the Yellow Jersey after Stage 2 in 2018. Tyler incorporates fresh SP2 spirulina into his daily regimine by creating araw beet, spinach, fruit, hemp seed, juice and SP2 spirulina smoothie every afternoon. What’s Tyler’s advice? The struggle to eat clean may continue to persist, but inspiration comes from, "how good you feel when your diet is on point”.

Nathan Davis,Marina, California

The Life of Nathan

Only 16 years old,  Nathan is a category 1 mountain biker and category 3 road racer, placing 1st Pro Men at Central Coast XC and 1st at the NorCal league High School Mountain Bike Series. Nathan hasn't always been athletic, but with his passion for biking combined with his active progression to a healthier, plant-based diet he "already feels its’ impact his day-to-day health and lifestyle." 


Want to know how SP2 can help boost your daily nutrition? Take a look at our nutrition page to learn more about the benefits of Spirulina. 

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