April 05, 2018

Spirulina has been known for its immense nutritional benefits but has never been available in a fresh form. Not a powder. Not a supplement. Fresh SP2 spirulina is a plant-based protein harvested sustainably and delivered straight to your freezer. If you believe that fresh vegetables grown in the soil are right for you, then you'll love this powerful vegetable that grows naturally in water.  Here's how raw SP2 spirulina will help you sustain the best version of yourself. 

Sustainable Spirulina for Sustainable Power

Fresh SP2 spirulina offers immediately available energy that lasts due to its 95% absorption rate. Generally speaking, spirulina has received much attention for its beneficial effects on running performance increasing athletes speed, energy, endurance, and stamina as well as athletes mental ability. The lack of hard cellular walls assures that fresh SP2 spirulina protein is more rapidly and easily assimilated by the body compared to other spirulina, meat or soy proteins. These unique proteins build strength and stamina so you can spend more time pushing past your body’s known limits.

Sustainable Spirulina for Sustainable Recovery

SP2 spirulina contains exceptional values of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) which are not produced by the body and are essential for athletes by helping to metabolize glucose in the body. This means that SP2 is effectively helping to optimize sugar calories for energy burning and saving essential proteins for repairing your muscles. Your body spends less energy removing waste and more time healing itself.

Sustainable Spirulina for a Sustainable Life

It has been proven that Spirulina, when consumed fresh, significantly increases the feeling of fullness. Whether you are simply looking to add nutrients to your diet or increase performance, one cannot overlook this powerful quality of fresh SP2 spirulina. Our busy lives often lead to poor eating decisions and malnutrition. A daily boost of SP2 Spirulina can help fend off the body’s cravings while providing a foundation for proper nutrition.  

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