October 03, 2018

At SP2 Life, sourcing the purest fresh spirulina to be delivered right to your door is a top priority. Plenty of other brands have unfortunate contamination issues, and almost no brand works as hard to make sure that the final product is perfectly pure nutrient-packed spirulina. How does the company do it? From the head office in California to the harvesting facility in Israel, every step of the harvesting, shipping, packaging and delivery process is carefully monitored. Let’s walk through and see how they do it!


It Starts With The Best Manufacturing

Before SP2 launched, founder Adam Papazian started searching for the best quality fresh spirulina available. After testing all the strains available stateside, he found himself traveling the globe looking for a better option than what was currently offered on the market, His travels lead him across the globe in Israel, to the leaders in algae production, AlgaeMor.

Most spirulina available are spiked with other algae and even toxins, but the spirulina which is now referred to as SP2, is grown and harvested in a closed facility free from any outside environmental factors. The proprietary SP2 blend is grown exclusively in two state-of-the-art freshwater micro farms, to keep the growing environment as optimized and clean as possible. The SP2 growing process is pretty specific and monitored 24/7, 365 days a year. In order to eliminate contamination, SP2  integrates advanced molecular and biochemical foot-printing methods that eliminate the presence of anything other than Spirulina. Also implementing a vigorous, continuous and high-resolution monitoring and control protocols to maintain the cultures 100% toxin free, including field testing for various toxins.

All of SP2’s products are fully traceable -- allowing them to know the exact history of every batch across the entire supply chain -- from cultivation to harvesting, packaging, storage and shipment.

SP2 is grown with reverse osmosis purified water and constantly applys  advance monitoring protocols to verify we are 100% free of Cyanotoxins, heavy metals, pesticides, and microbiological contamination.

All of these harmful substances occur in products that are cultivated in an uncontrolled environment. SP2’s facility is ISO, HACCP, and BRC certified. In addition, they developed innovative testing assets through cooperation with leading academic and private research institutes, which are not yet prevalent in the industry, to make sure their spirulina is truly pure.

They are  involved in an eco-engineering pilot program aiming to mitigate harmful algae blooms, which contain toxins like microcystin, anatoxins, and BMAA, by manipulating the algae populations and introducing dense cultures of Spirulina which are toxin free.

Once the spirulina is ready for harvest, AlgaeMore uses a special method to shock-freeze it, in order to produce an odorless and tasteless product that retains a 95 percent absorption rate of vitamins, minerals and protein.

We are currently exploring moving manufacture to the United States to increase freshness and reduce the environmental impact of shipping and keeping SP2 sustainable from growth to consumption.

SP2 Facility

From Harvesting to Your Door

Once the spirulina is harvested and deep frozen in -40 degree Celsius temperatures, it’s stored for a maximum of 10 days (in a space certified to the highest food safety standards) before it is shipped to the US. It’s shipped on a direct flight from Tel Aviv to San Francisco via United Airlines, so even the international shipping is closely controlled, and the SP2 is in the distribution facilities within 48 hours of leaving the facility in Israel.

During shipping, special vacuum isolation crates filled with dry ice keep the spirulina at around -80 degrees Celsius for at least 96 hours. That’s four times lower than standard deep freeze storage temperature for food products! When it arrives in California, the spirulina is between three and 13 days old, depending on the date of harvest. 

SP2’s spirulina is imported as a vegetable, not a supplement because it arrives raw and unprocessed. That means there are strict governmental regulations and approvals around food safety surrounding the import process. Supplements are slightly simpler to import and face fewer requirements around the purity of the product, allowing for additions of stabilizers and preservatives. With SP2, there’s only one ingredient: spirulina. That’s what makes it so safe for consumption as a food source, unlike contaminated or less-tested supplements claiming to be entirely spirulina that may contain other strains of foreign algae or cyano-bacterias. 

Biochemical Foot-Printing

In order to do ensure our SP2 spirulina contains no foreign algae or cyano-bacteria, SP2 uses advanced molecular and biochemical "foot-printing" methods in order to eliminate the presence of anything other than spirulina. The testing is done at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel, by Prof. Sammy Boussiba, who is an academic leader in research into cyano-bacteria and microalgae. The spirulina is also tested at the ARO institute, Israel's leading research institute in the field of microalgae. 

The spirulina is regularly field tested for various toxins as well as regularly tested for heavy metals, pesticide residues, microbiological indexes and cyanotoxins. And all the SP2 products are fully traceable: we know the exact history of every batch across the entire supply chain, from cultivation to harvesting, packaging, storage, and shipment. 

The batch number, labeled on the SP2 box can tell the full story of that spirulina: when it was produced, in which tank, and any other specific details linked to it.

On Delivery

SP2 ships from California and Delaware all over the US using FedEx to guarantee freshness. When your order ships, it can be tracked with the tracking number provided by FedEx. The delicate nature of SP2  requires us to pack our shipments with dry ice to ensure the product maintains frozen in transit for up to 72 hours.. (We do recommend getting the product in the freezer as soon as possible once it is delivered, since SP2 is fresh and therefore, perishable.) 

SP2 reaches you in perfect condition, and will stay good in your freezer for up to 10 months—but we’re guessing you’ll have used it long before the expiration date!

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