June 19, 2018

As a parent, finding ways to keep active children healthy and sustained can feel impossible.

Electrolyte drinks are loaded with sugar, energy bars aren’t filled with whole nutrition, and many simply struggle with the thought of vegetables. Recently we meet the mother of the Mallen twins, young mountain bike prodigies from Salt Lake City, to learn how fresh SP2 spirulina transformed her active family’s nutritional needs.

Watch the boys compare SP2 Spirulina vs a popular protein drink.

What Does Liz Mallen Think?

As a mom of active 10-year old twin boys, finding ways to supplement and balance my boy’s diet can be a challenge. Despite the notorious dietary dislikes embodied by most ten-year-old boys, my boys introduced SP2 Life to me this year at the Sea Otter Classic bike race. While I was at camp, I received an insistent phone call from one of my eager boys asking me to come to the SP2 Life tent. As I approached the tent, my boys came running with a crazy dark green looking sample in hand, excitedly talking over one another about how delicious this green drink was.

As a parent of young athletes, I am proud to say that SP2 Life’s has transformed our family health. The fact that my boys are excited about having a healthy drink in their life alleviates some of my parental concerns; I no longer feel like I need to "nag" them to eat something nutritious, as they’re excited about experimenting with different SP2 Life recipes on their own (theylove to add SP2 Life to fresh fruit and bananas and use a wand blender in the shaker bottle to mix it all). The boys love it because they feel like they’re taking charge of their nutrition and feeding their bodies on their own to sustain their athletic activities.

A school day vs. a non-school day dictates when they drink their SP2 Life. On a non-school day, they will make it in the morning with their breakfast. When they finally return in the evening, they will make one more to refuel. On a school day, my kids choose SP2 Life as their after-school snack, for it gives them that extra "boost" they need to go ride their bikes, play soccer or just hang with their friends until dinner. I also feel better about giving them SP2 Life than any sports drink because the energy they feel is from nutrients, not from sugar and fake ingredients.

mallen twins family health and spirulinaFamily health and spirulina

We are very grateful for this company creating not only something I can feel good about giving my kids, but something that they can feel confident is helping them stay strong, grow and thrive!
- Liz Mallen, Mother of the Mallen Twins

Spirulina and families

Mix fresh flavorless SP2 spirulina with your favorite drink for a healthy way to boost your energy that tastes great. Get SP2 Life for your active family today. 

Check out the boys on Instagram: The Mallen Twins, Finley Kirschenmann

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