October 22, 2018


SP2 Ambassador and 10-time Tour de France competitor Laurens ten Dam is no stranger to performance nutrition and maximizing recovery. Eamon Lucas had the opportunity to catch up with Laurens and talk about his experience with SP2 Spirulina. 

 "I felt the best after a Grand Tour...ever"

SP2 Spirulina is packed full of protein, 18 of 20 amino acids, and antioxidants. The combination of these and other nutrients in SP2 reduce inflammation and improve recovery times which is a significant benefit to someone like ten Dam who is trying to recover between Grand Tours. Competing in over 17 Grand Tours, ten Dam says he felt the best heading into the 2018 Tour de France and attributes that entirely to SP2 Spirulina. Remember, this is coming off of the heels of the Giro d'Italia. 

Improved Iron Levels

Laurens wasn't originally slated to ride both the Giro d'Italia and the Tour de France in 2018. Team doctors tested his blood levels after the Giro d'Italia and were very happy with his iron levels and hematocrit numbers. SP2 Spirulina is a great source of iron, specifically for plant-based athletes. Many endurance athletes suffer from low iron or anemia and don't even know it. This is especially true for female athletes


Veggies For The Entire Family

Laurens ten Dam's entire family loves SP2, and that is something we hear from customers over and over again, how much their kids like SP2. Ten Dam mixes SP2 with beets, strawberries, juice, and other ingredients to make a smoothie that his kids keep coming back for. He says it is the best veggie that he can give to his kids and we couldn't agree more. SP2 is an excellent source of nutrition for the entire family.

The Future Is Bright For ten Dam

In other news, Ten Dam with 16 years of experience and 10 Tour de France races under his belt has signed to a new team. After three years riding for Sunweb, he signed to the 2019 CCC team. 

“I wasn’t necessarily looking to change teams but I’m not afraid to change, I’ve done it quite a few times in my career, and this was a good opportunity that presented itself. I really welcome the chance for a carte blanche, a clean slate, and to join Continuum Sports with some new goals and opportunities, as well as having some more freedom,” Ten Dam said.

“Although we haven’t yet discussed my program, I really like racing in the United States so I hope to be able to race there next year and of course, line up at some of the Grand Tours. I want to get the best out of myself and help the team, especially with a leader like Greg Van Avermaet as I can help him in some of the hillier races. For now, the team doesn’t have a clear General Classification rider but you never know how the team will develop in the coming seasons so I look forward to seeing the team grow and playing a part in this.”

A huge congratulations to ten Dam and the rest of the CCC team. We are excited about the new opportunity and hope to see ten Dam racing in the USA this year! 


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