July 22, 2018

The Cirque Series is a grueling race. Unlike most trail runs, the Cirque Series brings runners to the top of iconic ski resorts across the US. It tests your physical and mental strength, pushes you to limits you might not have even known you had, and probably at some point, it makes you question what you're doing.

At SP2, we think that's the BEST kind of Type 2 Fun! You might not think it was so fun at the moment, but we're pretty sure these video recaps from Brighton and Alta will jog a few epic memories that get you smiling.

Want to see how you or your friends faired? Check the results from Brighton here and Alta here, and don't forget to follow The Cirque Series on Facebook. Hint: There are already over 5,000 pictures from the first two events. If you're from Utah, we're sure you will find someone you know in at least one of them.

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