February 20, 2018

Meet Tyler Pearce a 30-year-old cat-2 road cyclist in NCNCA and also a working family man. Pearce started cycling as a cross-training activity for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu back in 2010 but it quickly took over his life as he fell deeper into the crazy sport of cycling. As for being vegan, it has been a ten-year journey into health. Tyler was eating fast food three times a day, every day. With a family of four also all plant-based, it has its challenges. Knowing they are getting the right nutrients and enough of them.

Vegan Cyclists Nutrition

“SP2 has been great. It’s such an easy way to know my family and I are getting the essential vitamins and minerals needed. We add 1-2 SP2 cubes into our morning smoothie along with fruits, veggies and a splash of orange juice. It tastes amazing, the algae doesn’t change the taste at all!”


As a vegan elite cyclist, Pearce needs to ensure he has the fuel to train and race at the top level. Since using SP2 Life every morning, he has set his best 7-minute power of 400 watts. Previously he could only hold 400 watts for 5-minutes. A whole extra 2-minutes of power!

“I filmed the effort actually! Plus on the day I set this PR I snagged a few other KOMS on the way to my PR. It almost feels like SP2 keeps me with ‘good legs’ all the time. It's a game changer for my family and I, 5 stars!”

Check out the latest video Tyler sent over, with an insane climb pushing a max pitch of 20%! Tyler managed 400 watts for 7 minute which is his all-time best, and he did it weighing in at 157 pounds.

Follow Tyler’s Journey: @The_Vegan_Cyclist

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