November 17, 2018

The Vegan Cyclist uses SP2's Spirulina for breakfast every morning to get a burst of nutrients. He wanted to share his Vegan Power Beet Smoothie recipe with us. 


He uses foods that he'd rather drink, instead of eating them prepared normally (ie. raw beets, spinach, spirulina). To start the smoothie off Tyler begins to chop up the raw beet as well as the beet leaves. Tyler leaves the beets unwashed so that he can get the nutrients from the dirt. 


Tyler adds two bananas to the smoothie as well as some pineappleto sweeten the smoothie, you can use fresh or frozen.

In the majority of comparisons between nutrients within the categories of fresh, frozen, and “fresh-stored”, the findings showed no significant differences in assessed vitamin contents. In the cases of significant differences, frozen produce outperformed “fresh-stored” more frequently than “fresh-stored” outperformed frozen.

Read more of that study here.

He then adds a cube of SP2, which is flash frozen SP2 which he agrees has no taste unlike some powdered versions of SP2. 

Since I've been taking this frozen Spirulina, I've really felt amazing...I've been using it for three months and just feel phenomenal. With a lot of health food it's hard to tell a difference if you take it or don't take it.

Tyler also says that he likes to add it to his son's smoothies, it gives him the nutrients without the taste of normal spirulina.


For the liquid, he likes to use some type of fruit juice with a powerful flavor (ex: orange juice, pineapple juice, naked, etc.) He says that pineapple juice is great because of the low price, and the flavor. You can also do what his wife does and use a simple recipe like just orange juice and a cube of SP2. 


Tyler always adds in chia seeds, to add a great source of Omega-3 fats, protein, and fiber. (Hint: don't use too many chia seeds, they can cause the smoothie to get gelatinous). You can also put protein powder in the smoothie. He says he prefers to use it towards the end of the day, like after a ride. 


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