October 27, 2018

Here at SP2 Life, we are constantly looking for ways to help you become aware of all the benefits that Spirulina has to offer. Spirulina is not only beneficial for improving endurance, fighting anemia, or increasing strength, but it is also beneficial for anti-estrogenic effects. That is why we have partnered with fitness professional Thomas DeLauer. Watch Thomas' video below, showcasing 3 tips to reduce your bad estrogen.  



The beneficial kind of estrogen is called 2 Hydroxy Estrogen. It helps support testosterone levels, it works as an antioxidant and has shown anti-cancer effects. 


There are two kinds of estrogen that many of us have; they are called 16 Hydroxy Estrogen or 4 Hydroxy Estrogen. These are estrogens that may confuse your body. Your body may treat it as a toxin (which means that your liver still has to process it). 

What are the three foods you can focus on to fight estrogen? 


  • broccoli
  • cauliflower
  • bok choy
  • brussels sprouts

  • These vegetables maintain their anti-estrogenic effects, even when you cook them. These vegetables contain DIM (diindolylmethane). See more benefits of DIM here.

    DIM is derived from indole-3-carbinol, also known as IC3. You see, IC3 works hand in hand with the liver. It helps the liver metabolize the negative attributes of estrogen through the up-regulation of what is called CYP1A2.

    CYP1A2 is an enzyme that's responsible for sorting estrogen, getting rid of the bad portions of it, and leaving the good ones. CYP1A2 is also responsible for converting strong estrogen into weaker ones. 

    If you have strong estrogen, it's going to target certain areas of your body and cause you to store fat and retain more water while making your face puffy. 


    Mushrooms have the ability to fight off aromatase, which is an enzyme that takes testosterone/progesterone and converts it into estrogen. Mushrooms are able to decrease your MCF-7 cell count (which means you have fewer receptor sites for estrogen to flow into your body).

    "By adding white button mushrooms to a person with breast cancer's diet, they had a big reduction of aromatase activity because of a reduction of MCF-7 cells."

    Read more of that study here. 


    Spirulina has anti-estrogenic effects because of its high bioavailability of Vitamin E.  And as DeLaurer mentions in the video above, "Raw Spirulina can give you 24-30 times more Vitamin E than any other fruit or vegetable." Vitamin E is beneficial because it fights the inflammatory effects that estrogen posses. Vitamin E also helps reduce the effects of joint and muscle pain caused by enzymes while aiding your liver detox. 

    Spirulina also contains a sulfur amino which allows your liver to detox through an antioxidant called Glutathione (GSH).

    Read more about the benefits of raw spirulina. 

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