June 11, 2018



Fitness professional Thomas DeLauer reviewed SP2 Spirulina on his youtube channel. In true Delauer form, he looks at the science of many research studies and turns it into something we can all easily digest, understand and put to use.  Click the video above to explore the science behind SP2 Spirulina.


"SP2 is food, which means we are actually harnessing the power of the earth, for true, legit performance. This stuff has improved my HIIT training by a significant amount in just 3 weeks. Honestly, if it wasn't backed by science, I wouldn't be recommending it."

- Thomas DeLauer


Backed by Science

An article published in the The Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports Exercise about the positive effects of Spirulina. The results of the research showed when spirulina was taken daily for four weeks it induced a significant increase in exercise performance, fat oxidation, and GSH concentration and attenuated the exercise-induced increase in lipid peroxidation. The time to exhaustion for the subjects taking spirulina increased to 79 minutes compared to 68 minutes of those receiving a placebo.

That is a significant improvement!  

Keto Optimal

SP2 Fresh Spirulina is packed with nutrition optimizing your caloric intake to nutritional profile—vitamins and minerals that are hard to absorb from other sources are abundant and bio-available.

Our fresh spirulina is packed with protein to ensure your body stays in ketosis.

Breaking Your Fast

Whether you're intermittently fasting daily, or you're working through a more extended fasting program—Fresh Spirulina is ideal for breaking your fast. Easy on the guts, packed with nutrients, and free of taste or odors so you can add it to juice or a smoothie, or even water.

A key benefit of fresh spirulina is the bio-availability of the nutrients you're taking on-board. With a 95% absorption rate and a 155% higher nutritional profile than powdered spirulina—we are 100% certain you won't find anything better to put in your body.

Subscribe & Save 20%

Taking SP2 Spirulina will maximize the benefits of fresh spirulina as seen in research studies as well as through customer testimonials. This is why we have created our subscription program. By subscribing, you will receive a fresh shipment of SP2 spirulina every four weeks. Click here to start your subscription of SP2 spirulina. 

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