October 20, 2018

SP2 Spirulina has been shown to increase strength, endurance, and improve iron levels. It has also been successfully used to boost mental energy and improve focus. Taking SP2 Spirulina combined with meditation is the recipe for a strong mind which can improve numerous aspects of your wellbeing. Mediation is a practice in which you can train your mind. You can train your mind to feel as calm as your body may feel during yoga. The goal of meditation is to be able to have a clear mind.

Emphasizing mindfulness, concentration, and automatic self-transcendence are three different techniques of meditation practice.

Although meditation can seem a little intimidating, there are many helpful options to get beginners started.


  • Sit or lie down in a comfortable position, here are some common positions.

  • Close your eyes.

  • Breathe naturally (make sure your inhalations are shorter than your exhalations).

  • Focus your attention on your breath and how your body moves with each breath. Observe your chest, shoulders, rib cage, and belly. Focus your attention on the interaction between breath and body. 

  • Your mind will wander, if your mind wanders, return your focus back to your breath. 

Repeat this daily for two to three minutes, then try it for longer. To make this a routine try to meditate at the same time daily. Also, keep a mental note or journal of how you're feeling before and after each session. Make sure the space you're meditating in is comfortable and relaxing for you. When you end your meditation open your eyes, stand up slowly, and stretch.


Headspace is a company which started in 2010 specializes in online meditation. Their 5-star app is an easy way to start a meditation routine. You are able to sign up and learn the basics for free. They do also have an expanded plan which costs a monthly price.

Headspace offers is meditation for work and for kids.

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Calm is an app which specializes in meditation and sleep. They have guided meditations, video lessons for mindful movement and stretching, and music for focus, relax and sleep. Calm offers a free trial, and then it is billed annually. 

Calm is Sleep Stories (think bedtime stories for adults).

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Simple Habit is a mindfulness/meditation app/website built for busy people. Featured on Shark Tank in 2017 they specialize in 5 minute daily meditations with an easy tracker to build up your habit. 

Simple Habit not only has apps, but also a website. 

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One thing that is great about apps is that you can use them anytime, anywhere and that they have a lot of content for free if you don't feel like you want to subscribe to any service yet. A downside of apps is that you have to use a smartphone so it may be hard to get those emails off your mind, even with the sound off.


Many people find it easier to meditate with light music or other relaxing sounds in the background while others want complete silence. You can try nature sounds, contemporary music, or more traditional meditation music. 

Nature Sounds

Contemporary Meditation Music

Traditional Pan Flute Music

You can also use a meditation timer or countdown timer so that you don't have to be checking the time and know how long you are meditating for. 

Add an SP2 smoothie before or after your meditation for a great start to your day.


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