July 23, 2018

Introducing #MyBestSP2

Tell us your #MyBestSP2 story on Instagram for a chance to win an SP2 prize package worth over $250! Prizes include SP2 swag (shirts, socks, hats, shaker bottle) as well as a Whole Foods and REI Gift Card.


How to Enter

Have you been using SP2 Spirulina to help your body get the most out of workouts, competitions, and daily life? Tell us a story about your most recent workout/run/ride/adventure and how SP2 has helped. Share a photo from your adventure, and tell us your story on Instagram, tag @sp2life and #mybestSP2 to enter. We'll also reward some creative chef's who share new recipes from time to time also so make sure you post those and tag #mybestsp2 as well. 

The Prizes

  1. $50 REI Gift Card
  2. $50 Whole Foods Gift Card
  3. One-Month Supply of SP2 Spirulina 
  4. SP2 Life Hat
  5. SP2 Life Shirt
  6. SP2 Life Blender Bottle
  7. SP2 Life Socks

Plus, we'll feature every months winner on our instagramaccount. 

Every month we will pick a new winner. If your story isn't randomly selected as the winner for July, don't worry, you can enter again in August and every month thereafter! 

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How Did Pro Skier, Mountain Runner, SP2 Ambassador Julian Carr Achieve Success In His Career?

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