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Starting your day with a serving of fresh spirulina can help

Fresh SP2 Spirulina boosts your immune system and provides the nutrients that you need to fuel a hard training cycle. The high bioavailability of the nutrients means that you’ll reap the benefits whether you’re a plant-based athlete or tend to rely on more meat-based options.

SP2’s strain of spirulina is frozen fresh, and is tasteless and odorless, so it can be popped into any juice or smoothie (or even water!) in the morning to give you a dose of  protein that aids in recovery post-workout—nearly 5 grams in a 27 calorie serving. An all-natural algae that provides a whole food source of complete protein, it’s one of the best whole-food,  plant-based sources of amino acids available.

Fresh Spirulina- best source of Group B Vitamins  8x the available anti-oxidants in fresh spirulina than blueberries vitamin e 25x more available in fresh spirulina than strawberries

Bioavailability of fresh spirulina is key

For athletes, the bioavailability of vitamin B12 and iron in SP2 in particular are key: both are necessary when it comes to the production of red blood cells, and many athletes—especially plant-based ones, since most sources of both iron and B12 are animal-based—struggle to get enough of either nutrient.  When B12 levels drop, your endurance suffers and you feel weak and fatigued. And while you may have heard that spinach provides athletes with a great source of iron,  spirulina actually boasts 3x more iron than spinach—ideal for endurance athletes needing an iron boost.


Fresh Frozen Spirulina

SP2 is a 27-calorie way to ensure that your nutrition as an athlete is balanced and nutrient-dense. It’s packaged fresh and shipped frozen, and thanks to the raw, fresh processing, it’s taste-free and odorless. But more importantly, our fresh spirulina provides 150 percent higher nutritional value than dried spirulina, and has an absorption rate of 95 percent. Our single-serve cube form means that you just pop one out each day and drop it into a drink, whether it’s in your morning smoothie pre-ride, or post-workout for improved recovery.


Post workout recovery and endurance performance edge with fresh spirulina

A serving of fresh SP2 in your regular post-workout beverage of choice gives you the amino acid building blocks that you need for optimal recovery, plus antioxidants to begin to help reduce the inflammatory response caused by exercise. Rather than reaching for a cookie post-ride or run, having that simple, healthy option available helps you avoid making less-than-stellar hunger-based decisions.

Adding more greens and plant-based sources of protein to your diet with spirulina means more iron and B12, along with a higher fiber intake and lower saturated fat intake. That ultimately leads to a happier microbiome and a more appropriately regulated bathroom schedule—key for athletes who find themselves dealing with gut issues. (A study published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology shows 71 percent of runners and 65 percent of cyclists report suffering from either lower or upper GI problems.)

Improve Your Immune Health

A review of literaturearound spirulina has suggested that the benefits include building immunity and improving resistance to viral infections—even the flu. That means less down time spent recovering from colds, and more time spent on the trails.

The Professional Edge

Professional endurance athletes have been looking for solutions to meeting their nutrition needs during heavy training blocks and race seasons, and SP2 is becoming the go-to solution for pro racers.

Pro Cyclist Hanna Muegge on the podium with SP2 Fresh SPirulina once again

“It allows me to reach a higher level and bring recovery to the table. I was a bit
skeptical at first, but in the first few days, I really felt the benefits from using a plant-based nutritional product.”
-Eamon Lucas, pro cyclist

“I tried using SP2 for a month, and there’s this Strava segment in Monterey that everyone likes to hit on Saturday morning rides… So I decided that at the end of that month, I would go for my personal record on that segment—I’d been trying for a year! After that month trying spirulina every day, I hit that segment with some cyclist friends. I didn’t just get a PR, I smashed the best time for the women. I did it in 9:28! I was like, ‘What is happening!?’ It was a lightbulb moment.” -Hanna Muegge, pro cyclist

“SP2 has been great. It’s such an easy way to know my family and I are getting the essential vitamins and minerals needed. We add one or two SP2 cubes into our morning smoothie along with fruits, veggies and a splash of orange juice. It tastes amazing, the algae doesn’t change the taste at all!” -Tyler Pearce, pro cyclist