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Easy Usage

Convenient, Fresh SP2 Frozen Spirulina CubesSP2 Life’s fresh spirulina is delivered to your door and comes in convenient single-serve packs for no-muss, no-fuss use. Whether you’re blending it into a breakfast smoothie, a juice for post-karate practice, or even into a bowl of fruit, granola and yogurt for a healthy dessert, it requires zero added time in the kitchen, or at the grocery store. 



Get Vitamins & Minerals the Kiddos Need

A single serving of SP2 fresh spirulina contains every B vitamin,  6.7 milligrams of iron — 39 percent  of your daily iron requirement — and studies have shown  that in just 3 grams of spirulina, you’ll get more antioxidants and anti-inflammatories than you would in five servings of fruits and vegetables.


Taste free & Odorless for Sneaky Serving

Slipping a serving of SP2’s fresh frozen spirulina into juice, fruit smoothies or even yogurt can be a simple way of making sure your little guy or girl is getting a whopping dose of nutrition without the “I’m not eating THAT!” debate that plagues parents of picky eaters. It’s taste free and odorless, so the only thing that your kiddo will notice is the cool green color of their juice.

Fresh Spirulina- best source of Group B Vitamins to keep your kids healthy  8x the available anti-oxidants in fresh spirulina than blueberries keeps kids healthy and happy Fresh Spirulina packed with Protein to help kids grow strong and healthy

Easy Protein for Post-Play Meals

After soccer practice, a serious session of playing pirates in the backyard, or a family bike ride, even your little athlete-in-training needs a serving of protein to help muscles grow and recover. 

Avoid Cold and Flu Season

No one in the family needs to spend weeks sneezing or coughing.  Spirulina has been shown to improve immune system function, making people less susceptible to viruses and bacterial infections. Less colds in the house means less grumpy kids (and parents).