Introducing #MyBestSP2

Have you been using SP2 Spirulina to help your body get the most out of workouts, competitions, and daily life? Tell us a story about your most recent workout/run/ride/adventure and how SP2 has helped. Share a photo from your adventure, and tell us your story on Instagram, tag @sp2life and #mybestSP2 to enter. We'll also reward some creative chef's who share new recipes from time to time also so make sure you post those and tag #mybestsp2 as well.

Monthly Prize Package

  1. $50 REI Gift Card
  2. $50 Whole Foods Gift Card
  3. One-Month Supply of SP2 Spirulina 
  4. SP2 Life Hat
  5. SP2 Life Shirt
  6. SP2 Life Blender Bottle
  7. SP2 Life Socks

#MyBestSP2 Stories

7/23/18| ✳️A LITTLE ABOUT @sp2life ✳️ In late January of 2018 I started taking @sp2life. Honestly I was rather skeptical... I meant personally with the CEO of the company for lunch and he told me all about it. I said would give it an honest shot. So he gave me some product and I started taking 40g’s every day after training. About a week into taking @sp2life I started to notice I was bouncing back from my harder workouts faster and able to go deeper the following day. This was during my first big block of endurance training while I was home in CA before heading back to start racing in EU. I now have continued to take @sp2life and swear by it! THE RECOVERY IN THE GAME. TOTAL NEXT LEVEL! 🆓NOW FOR THE FREE STUFF🆓 It’s moments like these users of SP2 are experiencing everywhere and once a month @sp2life is going to reward people worth over $250 for sharing their BEST SP2 stories. Just show your results, whether it’s a picture, a snapshot from strava, or a new recipe and you could win. Just tag @sp2life #mybestsp2. ⚠️WHAT YOU ACTUALLY WIN⚠️ Monthly Prize Valued at $250: 1 Monthly Supply of SP2, SP2life Socks, T-Shirt, Hat, and Blender Bottle, 1 $50 gift card to REI, 1 $50 gift card to whole foods. Plus @sp2life will feature every monthly winner on their Instagram. Learn more and enter today at @SP2life. Photo Credit: @chiara_redaschi . . . . #photography #photoshoot #photographer #photoofday #photograph #picoftheday #win #winning #cycling #bicycle #bicycling #bike #bikes #bikelife #awesome #amazing #wow #rad #epic #beautiful #unreal #europe #france #summer #warm #fixedgear #redhookcrit #fixie

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