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SP2 Spirulina Cubes


This is amazing! Been taking about 3 weeks and never felt better. I’ve been able to recover quicker after workouts.

Great product

Great service. Great product.

Service from the SP2 team is outstanding. They ship promptly, give multiple updates, and reply to issues promptly. SP2 is only noticeable by color in a multi-ingredient smoothy. I tried mixing it with only almond milk and could notice by smell/taste that it was not just almond milk. I think mixing it with something sweet makes it non-noticeable. Will evaluate any performance benefits in October once I have consumed SP2 daily for 1.5 months and have completed an endurance event. I appreciate the freshness of the product and that it is not in pill form. It could only be fresher if you scooped it out of their facility directly into your recipe.


Absolutely love this product which surpassed all my expectations about spirulina. I was looking for something more “natural” to use as a supplement as opposed to “vitamin pills” and knew of the benefits of spirulina.....but never able to find one that I could enjoy the taste (or lack of one :-).....until SP2 Life!!!!

Easy to use

Tastes very good alone. Delivery was excellent.

Life Changing!

I had amazing results from this product. Not only do I recover faster, but my times improved drastically. I had two races (cross country distance runner) since starting using SP2 and won both by more than 10 seconds. I feel stronger on my runs and have been in the middle of mileage increase. I am a believer!!! Thank you SP2, I'm so glad my PT (John) introduced me to your product! Definitely something I want to squeeze into my budget

Green stuff

Seems to speed up recovery after a hard workout.

Toddler Approved

Thank you SP2 for helping me get quality nutrients into my 5 year old without a full meltdown negotiation. Anything green on her plate sends her running in the opposite direction but when it’s smoothie time, she is running towards it! She looks forward to her green smoothies and considers them a treat! Thank you, thank you!

I have not seen to much of a difference in my body, I assume that I'm eating very well.

SP2 Spirulina Cubes


So easy to store and use SP2 Life

Maybe placebo? Maybe not.

Hard to say. I’ve been feeling stronger and less fatigued during races, but I’ve also coupled it with more focused training and recovery. Definitely not tasteless though. I have to pair it with something pretty strong, flavor wise, to not notice the spirulina taste. Not awful though.

SP2 Spirulina Cubes

Expedited order

I recently needed an expedited order to be ready for a cycling endurance event and Adam came through for me. Within 5 days I was feeling the benefits and a week after receiving my order, I had an awesome event.

Happy Customer

So impressed by the delivery and the quality of the product. Very excited to be adding pure spirulina to my morning smoothies and my kids drink it too. There's no real taste just a beautiful green!! Love the autoship option.

Feeling awesome

I feel great. SP2 is awesome. I had a chance to talk to customer service. These folks CARE. Great product, great company, glad I subscribe to better health.

Great product!

Can definitely tell a difference in recovery when using three capsules.



Jury is still out...

I’ve used SP2 in my daily smoothies for two weeks now. I haven’t noticed any major change, but I will be taking another FTP test soon as I enter the next phase of training for mountain bike racing.

So far so good.

SP2 really is flavorless in my morning smoothies. I have noticed a spike in both my power and endurance as a cyclist after only a couple weeks of taking SP2. Too early to give 5 stars. I want to evaluate how I feel for longer before I would recommend SP2 to others.

Living green

The sp2 is one way to give yourself a living food that improves your overall health and fitness. It's easy to use and no bad taste. A great way to detox wih no side effects.

Felt more energy from day one

After taking my first SP2 I started to feel more energy and it has been getting better every day I am taking it. It is we even helping my sex drive. Great product and will be a consumer for life

Amazing company, great product!

My friend recommended it to me. He rides bike and was looking for something to help increase his recovery after long rides. He recommended this product for recovery and because I workout a lot. I love it! Great taste, I mix it in my shakes. Their customer service is awesome is hands down 6 stars. My first packed was delayed and everything in side half melted. They were tracking my package and without me asking, they sent me a replacement. How awesome is that. I ❤️ this company!