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Love This Stuff

I always feel my best after having a shake with my spiriluna in it. I get an instant feel good boost and seems to aid in faster recovery.

Excellent Product

I'm very satisfied with the product. Better than the powders in so many ways--more potent, can incorporate in more recipes (because of its taste), and so much easier to use (because of dose-packaging).

SP2 Spirulina Cubes

Incredible product!

Great taste! Powerfully energetic! Raw and ready to eat!

To the Heartland.

Thank you for spreading the good news through eco sustainable nutrition.


My energy has increased, digestion improved... such a great way to add a healthy protein into my smoothie. I'm loving them!

SP2 Spirulina Cubes

Love spirulina

Tastes great. Boosts testosterone naturally. It’s great!


tastes great, i just put one in my oat meal for breakfast


Really loved SP2. I wish you had it in Canada. I was only able to try it because I was visiting my in-laws.

SP2 Spirulina Cubes

Great product

Your great product has given me more energy and regularity. :-)

Great product, great results

SP2 is a great product and provided a positive impact on my athletic performance

Best Fresh Spirulina!

Ive been using this product for several months now and I just feel better. I recover from workouts faster and I think it’s helped my eyesight and brain function.
I put it in a smoothie, with lots of ice, I make at home. It blends well with fruit, green tea, stevia, walnuts, and yoghurt. It’s pretty delicious, I don’t taste the spirulina at all!

Taste easily adjustable to your liking

It's NOT tasteless. You can definitely tell depending on what you blend it with, which can be easily done.


Spiulina cubes are fresh and tasty in a shake.


Highest quality Spirulina on the planet

My family and I have been enjoying this SP2 Life Spirulina for about six months now. All I can say is WOW! This has replaced my morning cup of coffee to say the least. The best way I can describe the feeling is getting a dose of vibrant vitality. It’s not generally like caffeine, nor is there a crash. Absolutely love this stuff.

Very good quality

We have a monthly subscription it’s always frozen and fresh it’s very good

Deep Health

I can feel this in a subtle but all-pervasive way. Very impressed with the amount of protein and micronutrient/vitamins that are in this one ingredient. Nutrients that were grown together get absorbed together.

Sp2 review

I liked the taste.

SP2 is for life!

I’ve been wanting to take SP2 for quite a while, & finally pulled the trigger due to a broken clavicle. My recovery time was cut in half, my performance increased, & when I was off the bike I didn’t lose much fitness. I’ve used other types of Spirulina in the past, & they taste like absolute dirt. SP2 has no flavor, & gives you all the benefits! I’m hooked for life!

No denying the benefits

I've been taking it for about a month now every day and there is no denying that I feel more alert and healthy. SP2 direct results also indirectly makes you think and want to be healthy in other avenues of your life. This is a lifestyle choice. My recover has never been better and looking forward to years of peak performance.

It. Works.

I’m a vegetarian athlete who began taking sp2 for its highly bioavailable iron, b12, and quality protein. I saw a boost in performance right away and that has continued for 2 months now with personal bests on the bike and the run.


I have always hated the taste of spirulina and very happy to be able to incorporate this fresh supplement into my diet daily.