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Minor issue...SP2 resolved it immediately

Megan at SP2 is amazing!! Received an order after Christmas. When it arrived the contents were dumped out in the box and it appeared at some point the order might have thawed out. I decided to email SP2 about my concerns. Within an hour and a half Megan contacted me by phone....immediately issued a new order. Impressed a great deal by the customer service....and a great product! Let me say this... the damage to the original order obviously happened during shipping and was not packed that way at SP2...but they stand behind their product...even when other people damage it. Great job Megan and SP2!!

Energy Boost

I hike everyday and I have noticed that going up hill is getting easier on me. I have more energy that is sustained.

Nutrient Packed FEEL AMAZING Pod

This stuff is incredible! After recently getting into cycling and watching the VEGAN cyclist we decided to give this a try because it seemed like a great source of nutrients. It has made a huge difference in our training and recovery and we just ordered our 2nd batch!


Free shipping to continental USA only. Ok, fine - used to that discrimination living in AK.

But absolutely NO shipping available to AK?? I really wanted to sign up for a monthly subscription but I literally can’t.

Excellent source Spirulinia

Love to add this to my pre-workout BCAA.

Great product

After seeing the Vegan Cylist review this product, decided to give it a try. It’s been great and provides a great source of protein to my daily green smoothie.


Good stuff, honestly can't complain when this food helps with my endurance, hair growth, and overall well being.
I can complain about the price though, a months supply of this stuff is more expensive than street drugs.

SP2 Spirulina Cubes

Great premium product

I’ve been using SP2 for a couple of months. I’m an amateur endurance athlete so I was spektical of the potential benefits. Initially I was consuming 1 pod per day and my FTP started increasing. I increased dosage to 2 per day and I firmly believe my excercise efficiency is higher. A great product.

Can't argue with the results . . .

Just cut and paste all the other 5 star reviews here, then square it. What can I say, it just works. As a sports nutritionist, I was a skeptic about the product / price, and i'm happy to eat my words (and my sp2 everyday). Question: what is your health worth ? Mine's definitely worth the cost of a little green cube in the morning and then some. Thank you for making a wondrous product for not only XC Mountain Bikers, but for the entire planet who might just want to feel like a beast EVERYDAY.

Reset Button

Looking to start the year off with SP2. Only used once so only yime will tell. When tried it wasn’t able to taste different in smoothie so that was good.

great product

I use it daily with my vegetable juice.
However I use it in periods.
One month on, then one month off.
I feel that it helps with my recovery from stress and from exercises.

I crave this stuff

The title is no joke, I find myself wanting this in the mornings when I am out of town, away from my blender. This product has become a part of my morning routine and it makes me feel great. I started using this months ago to see how it would help me recover from long bike rides and I have noticed a difference. I don't feel as sore, I can ride longer with less fatigue, and I just feel better. I also don't eat a lot of meat and I wanted something to help me fill some dietary voids that I might have and this in a shake every morning has done that I believe. Another reason that I have continued to use this product is the customer service is great they are very helpful and will reach out with actual answers and solutions, you don't see that a lot nowadays. I wanted to mention this does have a slight taste it you drink it with just water, not a bad taste but it is noticeable so I recommend if you don't have time to blend it you should mix it with some type of juice. Have a great day and I hope you try this out.

Great product!

Great customer service

Came one day late but was still frozen. Company service called worried it might have spoiled.

New Customer

I’ve been adding this to my morning smoothies for about 3 weeks now and I have much better energy, my hair isn’t brittle and breaking off anymore, and I’m 45 and have just entered my 2nd trimester of a naturally occurring pregnancy. I was short of breath and concerned about getting really good nutrients to my baby since I’m of mature maternal age. I will say my energy level and breath are greatly improved and the delivery service, the price, taste,( which is next to none), and the purity is outstanding.
I also have been sharing the smoothies with my husband and his energy and stamina is doing better as well.

SP2 Spirulina Cubes

To early to tell

Service and shipping were great. Seems to be good product, but to early to tell for sure.

The BEST spirulina you will find!

This spirulina actually tastes good with no smell! Fresher is better! Get my dose everyday through the convenient pod. Love this stuff and this company delivered it right to my door! Subscriber!

Great taste - Love it

Tried spirulina powder over ten years ago and hated the taste so I didn’t purchase it again. I didn’t think there was a good tasting spirulina until I researched it and found SP2 spirulina cubes a few weeks ago. So happy I did.

SP2 Spirulina Cubes

VO2 Max

After 2 months of using SP2 Spirulina I have been impressed with my cycling and running workouts. I bettered my Ironman best by 27 minutes and I have to say this product provided a little to that outcome. My VO2 Max for running and cycling have both improved since adding SP2 Spirulina into my nutritional plan. I am pleased with current outcome and will continue to manage and track my results.

Awesome stuff!

Gives us a natural pick-me-up and it can be added to anything!

Convenient packaging & taste good

I’ve used powdered Spirulina and it always had that pond smell and after taste. Sp2 doesn’t not. Actually ate some that didn’t completely blend and could barely taste anything.


Excellent customer service. Awesome product!