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Great and handy product

The fact that this spirulina comes in neat frozen little bricks makes me more likely to use it. I can still taste it, but I feel much better about using this than the dry room temp powder. Makes a satisfying little plunk sound when I pop it out of its container.

SP2 Spirulina Cubes

Great little packages. No bad taste!

I like the small convenient packages, no bad taste and auto ship.

SP 2 review

Excellent product, increased energy, lab/blood tests improved. Excellent service they definitely go above and beyond for their customers.

I’m finally back

I have not been able to bounce back from my parathyroid surgery for kidney stones. I lost my energy, stamina, joints in pain, aching. Just feeling bad. Now I’m back, feeling finally alive again. I’m feeling strong enough to ride again! It’s been 7 years. So happy to be back. I have two co workers who have purchased it And clients of mine. Thank you!

Trying is believing!

I first leaned about the Spiritual Cubes from YouTuber " The Vegan Cyclist". I was somewhat skeptical but decided to give it a go. So I stopped taking all endurance supplements from a well known brand just make sure I was giving SP2 Spirulina a far review of how it made me feel. I know, i know this is subjective. But it made me feel good if not great. I was able to ride harder on fast group rides and it felt to me that i was able to recover better. I can not wait to see what my year end PR totals are because i felt like i was hitting more and more PR's. I decided to order a second round to see if what I experienced will continue this winter in the pain cave!!!

SP2 Spirulina Cubes

Love it!

As an bike racer, this product amplified my recovery and has allowed me to explore new heights in my sport!

SP2 Spirulina Cubes

My only complaint is that I can’t go through a months worth every month. I wish you had a “weekday” package with 20 or so a month.

Hello Jessica! I am happy to report that we have a solution for that. We will gladly help you adjust your shipment intervals to be customized to fit your life's schedule and SP2 needs. We can alter or adjust your shipment date and even customize your shipping frequency intervals.

SP2 Spirulina Cubes - DeLauer Special


It’s a great product however by itself it’s hard to swallow but in good it has no flavor :)

Just turned 54

Has it been 19 days since I started taking it? I ride a bike - and enjoy (try) to go fast. Therefore, I have an easy way to "measure" my fitness and health - if I am going fast, most likely I am healthy (or on a Performance Enhanced Drug (PED) - NOT) - anyway - I feel better, I seem to be riding better (need a little more time to tell) - at end of day, anything at 54+ that makes one feel better - all in! Thanks for creating the cube!


I cant even taste it when mixed into a smoothie

Great product

We love the frozen spirulina. So easy with smoothies and taste great. High quality and keep using it in the future!

meghan saved the day

I forgot to update my shipping address and realized only a day before the order was about to ship. I notified Meghan and she went through a great amount of trouble to ensure the package was shipped to the correct address on time. I can't her enough for her hard work despite the error on my end.

Super food pods!

Such an easy way to add some serious nutrition to your day! I live adding these to my smoothies, oatmeal, yogurt and more!

Great product

Great product. Big improvement in energy for workouts

Green tab power house.

All I can say is wow, I thought this was all hype, but far from it. This product is very versatile in the sense that you can take anywhere at any time and mix it up into anything you like. It gives me the energy to go longer without getting the jitters and I still get tired like anyone else, but it just takes longer for my muscles to feel fatigued, weather it is after a hard workout or a long day of work. I noticed that when I ride my bike I usually start to get fatigued at around the 45 miles in on my bike but now after consuming the spirulina I can go on longer. It maybe all mental but my recovery is also faster.

SP2 Spirulina Cubes

Good stuff

I love the fact that I’m consuming raw food! It’s Awesome!

SP2 Spirulina Cubes


This is amazing! Been taking about 3 weeks and never felt better. I’ve been able to recover quicker after workouts.

Great product