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love it!

I've only been using SP2 Life for a few weeks, but I can already tell a difference in energy and mental function, especially on the overnight shift I've been on at work. I've been a regular spirulina user for years (being mostly plant-based), but always hated the taste of the powder so never used as much as I probably should have to see any benefits. Now I can put two pods in a smoothie and not even notice any taste! I can't speak to any improved endurance and fitness benefits as of yet bc I haven't used it long enough, but I'll def keep buying SP2 Life!

SP2 Spirulina Cubes

Great service

Fast delivery and efficient communication. Love the recipes included, love packaging, and LOOOOVE the product. Helps with recovery after strenuous boxing classes and my gym members love it too! Check out their posts on IG @boxingstrongmonterey

Amazing Product!

SP2 is a essential source of my recovery and nutrition on a daily basis. I feel more recovered from hard workouts and just overall better from using this product. I’ve gotten so my body just craves it everyday . There know way I could get in the same amount of antioxidants and quality protein everyday. As a certified Ironman Coach and Athlete I highly recommend .

Daily Greens

Such an easy way to get my daily greens. I melt 2 blocks into water or coconut water, add a half Meyer lemon and a pinch of pink Himalayan sea salt. I sip on it for about an hour on my commute.

Green pods

Good stuff,haven’t felt results yet but hope they come soon. I have some toxic meds in body so hoping there helping!


I’m a new customer and so far I’m having a good Experience with the product, the company and the people behind the company. They have been most helpful.


The amount of energy and changes I feel are astonishing!!! My legs feel great after long cycling rides! My dad even started using these in his morning shakes!! I’m gonna have to upgrade to the family plan!!😂😂 You can follow my post on instagram and ask more questions! @Life_behind_carbon_bars

They are awesome!

Great addition to my morning smoothie!

The Best!

We love SP2!


I have been eating the Spirulina for a few months now, and it has been great. I think it tastes good, and it is packed with nutrients. The staff at Sp2 Life is excellent--they have promptly resolved all of the concerns that I have had. I would definitely recommend this product.


Great communication quick response. Great product noticed my gains steadily but significantly higher gains in performance on Two pods a day


Perfect product! I’m really enjoying it

Feeling good

Feeling good, I have been using Sp2 Now for about two weeks, I feel great, and my heart rate numbers are dropping dramatically. It’s really helping my cycling.


I have never been a fan of spirulina until THIS! it’s tasteless in smoothies and I LOVE that it’s frozen fresh and arrives still frozen fresh. My husband has recently went vegan and SP2 Spirulina gives him the nourishment and energy he needs to get through his long work days as a self-employed contractor, here in South Central Texas. I highly recommend!

++Recovery and Immunity++

I put SP2 life to the test during a 9 day virtual cycling tour (Tour of Sufferlandria). It was nine days for hills and interval rides lasting 1-2 hours. I was able to get on the bike every day and crush it. The recovery I experienced was on point. I also caught a cold on day two and had kicked it by day 4, all while doing hard cycling.


I'm not walking three feet off the ground but it's good

Excellent Product

The single serving packets have been "full" on my last few orders. I was disappointed an order or two ago as some of them were about 80% full. As a Nordic skier, I have noticed my body's recovery to be enhanced since supplementing the Spirulina. This is a great product - please don't sellout or change it!

The jury is still out. Ask me in 32 days.

I'm being asked for a Review, but I've only been taking it 2 weeks so the jury is still out. I don't feel any different.

Love love love it.

Where do you get YOUR protein???

As a plant based tri-athlete, if I received a dime for every time I’ve been asked, “So, if you don’t eat meat, where do you get your protein?” ...Face palm.

This little green cube has been my secret sauce for the last nine months. Check out the nutrition facts on the site.

SP2 for me is the go to for pre workout, post workout, exercise, training, the options are endless. To top it all off (pun intended) it’s more versatile than just smoothies - spoiler alert “avocado + SP2 toast”. If this was 1979, one would say that this little green cube was ‘Mean’ Joe Greene approved. :)

The xtra bonus = Customer Service is amazing!!!

My everyday health

Sp2 has changed my life. I feel better, I look better, and it aids in day-to -day Intake. When I don’t consume it, I snack & crave foods I don’t want to eat day to day. I do my best to have my shake every morning, but otherwise in the evening.

I haven’t seen any difference but it’s nice.

More energy and faster recovery!!

I have used every day for a month and feel HRV is steady, my RPE is going down! LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!!!

Great product – less packaging?

I love the product itself and use it every day in my shakes. I feel great as a result and it seems to have increased my running efficiency. However I am mixed on considering purchasing it in the future due to the amount of packaging used. I understand the need to preserve the product with dry ice however can the shipping box itself be smaller and the containers housing the spirulina be compostable? This would help me and thousands of other eco minded people with their decision to purchase this product in the future.