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Spiulina cubes are fresh and tasty in a shake.


Highest quality Spirulina on the planet

My family and I have been enjoying this SP2 Life Spirulina for about six months now. All I can say is WOW! This has replaced my morning cup of coffee to say the least. The best way I can describe the feeling is getting a dose of vibrant vitality. It’s not generally like caffeine, nor is there a crash. Absolutely love this stuff.

SP2 Spirulina Cubes

Very good quality

We have a monthly subscription it’s always frozen and fresh it’s very good

Deep Health

I can feel this in a subtle but all-pervasive way. Very impressed with the amount of protein and micronutrient/vitamins that are in this one ingredient. Nutrients that were grown together get absorbed together.

Sp2 review

I liked the taste.

Just OK for me

I’ve been using the SP2 for almost 2 months now and I’m not really seeing a difference. I was hoping to enhance my performance at the gym and to promote recovery.

SP2 is for life!

I’ve been wanting to take SP2 for quite a while, & finally pulled the trigger due to a broken clavicle. My recovery time was cut in half, my performance increased, & when I was off the bike I didn’t lose much fitness. I’ve used other types of Spirulina in the past, & they taste like absolute dirt. SP2 has no flavor, & gives you all the benefits! I’m hooked for life!

No denying the benefits

I've been taking it for about a month now every day and there is no denying that I feel more alert and healthy. SP2 direct results also indirectly makes you think and want to be healthy in other avenues of your life. This is a lifestyle choice. My recover has never been better and looking forward to years of peak performance.

It. Works.

I’m a vegetarian athlete who began taking sp2 for its highly bioavailable iron, b12, and quality protein. I saw a boost in performance right away and that has continued for 2 months now with personal bests on the bike and the run.


I have always hated the taste of spirulina and very happy to be able to incorporate this fresh supplement into my diet daily.

Not completely tasteless / improves performance

I was looking forward to the tasteless claim I have heard and read about. I can’t say it’s tastelss but it is tolerable. It has a slight dirt taste (not that I’ve snacked on dirt before). If you mix fruit and other items you can kill the dirt taste.

As far as the increase in performance claim...I agree! There is definitely something in there that helps you out. Power numbers on the bike have increased, ability to hold a high heart rate for longer has increased. I feel far stranger on the bike after taking this twice a day for 2.5 weeks than I did prior.

The price is the downside to the product. I enjoy what the product has done to my performance but I can’t keep paying the high cost. That is the only reason I did not give it 5 stars.

Incredibly easy way to ingest this wonderful product

Go Green !!!

Excellent post workout and/or daily supplement. Improved HR numbers.


So far so good. I believe I am experiencing more energy. Recovering from breaking wrist and shoulder. So I’m a little off my regular life

Amazing Stuff

SP2 Life has completely changed my life! As a triathlete I put my body through a lot with multiple workouts a day. SP2 Life helps me recover faster and gives my body exactly what it needs to perform at a high level day after day. My power numbers have increased, my running pace has dropped, and I feel less wrecked at the end of the week. This stuff is incredible! On days when I have multiple hard workouts I will use SP2 Life after each workout. I've told all my friends about this product!


Great product.

Great, but pricey

Ordered a month of this stuff to give it a try. Too early to tell(3rd week) but I’ve been blending one pod in with my cycling recovery smoothie or just my breakfast smoothie on rest days. No funky taste, but it is the greenest green ever. 4 stars only because soo costly.

SP2 Lifer

This stuff is pure goodness!
Gives my daily smoothie that extra creaminess & packed with power foods!

love it!

I've only been using SP2 Life for a few weeks, but I can already tell a difference in energy and mental function, especially on the overnight shift I've been on at work. I've been a regular spirulina user for years (being mostly plant-based), but always hated the taste of the powder so never used as much as I probably should have to see any benefits. Now I can put two pods in a smoothie and not even notice any taste! I can't speak to any improved endurance and fitness benefits as of yet bc I haven't used it long enough, but I'll def keep buying SP2 Life!

SP2 Spirulina Cubes

Great service

Fast delivery and efficient communication. Love the recipes included, love packaging, and LOOOOVE the product. Helps with recovery after strenuous boxing classes and my gym members love it too! Check out their posts on IG @boxingstrongmonterey

Amazing Product!

SP2 is a essential source of my recovery and nutrition on a daily basis. I feel more recovered from hard workouts and just overall better from using this product. I’ve gotten so my body just craves it everyday . There know way I could get in the same amount of antioxidants and quality protein everyday. As a certified Ironman Coach and Athlete I highly recommend .

Daily Greens

Such an easy way to get my daily greens. I melt 2 blocks into water or coconut water, add a half Meyer lemon and a pinch of pink Himalayan sea salt. I sip on it for about an hour on my commute.