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Love them!

Love the spirulina cubes, quick and easy for smoothies!

My delivery was around xmas and it was pretty late getting here and it was starting to thaw.

SP2 Spirulina Cubes

Excellent customer Service

Had product shipped to me that had defrosted, because of shipping mishap. And they shipped me new product fast!!!! Top notch company!!!!

Product Review

I have been using the product for a month now. I love the affects , i feel healthier and have more energy. I have been recovering from 2 hip surgeries. First surgery was with out SP2 second was with SP2. I feel i heal much faster with SP2 in the second surgery. I cant wait to get back to cycling and see how it improves my output.

SP2 Spirulina Cubes

Good stuff

Liked the product but too expensive.

Game Changer

More top end on the bike

love your products

Been very satisfied with your spirulina product & just amazed with the health benefits.

Love This Stuff

I always feel my best after having a shake with my spiriluna in it. I get an instant feel good boost and seems to aid in faster recovery.

Excellent Product

I'm very satisfied with the product. Better than the powders in so many ways--more potent, can incorporate in more recipes (because of its taste), and so much easier to use (because of dose-packaging).

SP2 Spirulina Cubes

Incredible product!

Great taste! Powerfully energetic! Raw and ready to eat!

To the Heartland.

Thank you for spreading the good news through eco sustainable nutrition.


My energy has increased, digestion improved... such a great way to add a healthy protein into my smoothie. I'm loving them!

SP2 Spirulina Cubes

Love spirulina

Tastes great. Boosts testosterone naturally. It’s great!


tastes great, i just put one in my oat meal for breakfast


Really loved SP2. I wish you had it in Canada. I was only able to try it because I was visiting my in-laws.

SP2 Spirulina Cubes

Great product

Your great product has given me more energy and regularity. :-)

Great product, great results

SP2 is a great product and provided a positive impact on my athletic performance

Best Fresh Spirulina!

Ive been using this product for several months now and I just feel better. I recover from workouts faster and I think it’s helped my eyesight and brain function.
I put it in a smoothie, with lots of ice, I make at home. It blends well with fruit, green tea, stevia, walnuts, and yoghurt. It’s pretty delicious, I don’t taste the spirulina at all!

Taste easily adjustable to your liking

It's NOT tasteless. You can definitely tell depending on what you blend it with, which can be easily done.


Spiulina cubes are fresh and tasty in a shake.