Spirulina's effect on Health and Wellness

The Most Powerful Nutrients You'll Never Taste.


We're not kidding. This isn't the green powder you see at the store or the ingredient listed among supplements sold online. SP2 found a way to deliver spirulina in its purest form: 100% fresh and raw. So if you thought this superfood was powerful before, you won't believe what it can do for you now. With 150% more nutritional value than manufactured versions, SP2 Spirulina is - hands down - the most powerful, superfood on the planet.


Tired of being so tired? Yawn no more. Whether you're a super athlete or a super mom, SP2 erases exhaustion (and the unproductive, stressful fatigue that comes with it), replacing it with long-lasting, wholesome energy -- for your body and mind. Better than the strongest coffee and longest nap combined, one cube of SP2 gives you "fresh legs" all day and a clear, focused, energized mind.


SP2 is an all-natural superhero that builds a defense wall from within, empowering you to take control of your body's ability to manage life's most taxing curveballs. We're talking about a stronger immune system and resistance to disease. A higher functioning digestion tract and metabolism. More powerful and efficient internal systems, from your blood to your gut. And that's just to name a few.


It's no gimic -- SP2 spirulina can change your life. The #1 reason? It's 95% bioavailibility. (Other nutritional supplements offer an average of just 10%.) This means your body absorbs virtually all of SP2's vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. And since we're talking about a superfood that's more nutrient-rich than anything on earth, it's easy to see how it can transform both your body and your life.



If you're feeling physically run down, mentally overworked, and perpetually exhausted, the very best thing you can do for yourself is order SP2. Unlike other energy bars, drinks, and supplements, SP2 is 100% raw and natural. This means your body won't waste energy processing manufactured ingredients, and instead, quickly absorbs nutrients -- instantly boosting physical and mental energy. Here's a snapshot of just a few of SP2's superboosters:

* 3.3 mg of Iron (18%) alleviates brain drain and fatigue, while reducing anxiety and promoting better sleep

* 10.7 mcg of Vitamin B12 (184.6% daily value) cuts fatigue and lowers blood pressure - boosting physical energy and increasing mental acuity

* 3x more Protein than meat creates strong, lasting energy compared to quick carbs and sugar rushes which bring on low-energy crashes


Taking control of your health is a powerful feeling, and with SP2 you'll feel that power on a daily basis. You'll get sick less often, and recover more quickly when you do. You'll be stronger. And more importantly, you'll be healthier. Here's a peek into how it's possible (but the list goes on):

* Packed with 18 of 20 amino acids needed for every function of the body, which builds up the immune system, improving your resistence to viruses and disease (even the flu!)

* Antioxidants (8x more than blueberries, 25x more than carrots) prevent cellular damage and reduce inflammation related health issues, minimizing physical stress and increasing strength

* Calcium aids in body fat loss and composition regulation while natural fiber leads to optimal gut health - this means a better metabolism prepared for any diet goals  


Raw, fresh spirulina is the superfood that you didn't realize your body has been so desperately craving. It's as if each cube is packed with the healthiest, most-nutrient dense meal you could imagine -- and every bite unleashes entirely new, untapped energy within every nook and cranny of your body and mind.

* Every ingredient works in tandem to transform the body's makeup into it's highest functioning, healthiest version possible. And when every internal system is operating on all cylinders at the same time, the feeling is truly extraordinary.

* The transformative effects are only possible when the spirulina is consumed raw. And getting it from our farm to your door 100% fresh is SP2's secret weapon (and also the reason for the pricier cost).

Trust us and try it - it's beyond worth every penny.


To get the maximum benefits of SP2 Spirulina, take a single cube every day. One order contains 32 servings, enough for a one-month supply plus some extra for friends, family, or days you decide to double up on SP2.

Save 20% by signing up for our subscription service. Every four weeks, we will resupply you with another order of spirulina so you never run out and don't go a day without the nutritional benefits of SP2.

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Noah from Huston, TX

Great Product
We love the frozen spirulina. So easy with smoothies and taste great. High quality and keep using it in the future!

Soshanna from Glen Allen, US

Absolutely love this product which surpassed all my expectations about spirulina. I was looking for something more “natural” to use as a supplement as opposed to “vitamin pills” and knew of the benefits of spirulina.....but never able to find one that I could enjoy the taste (or lack of one :-).....until SP2 Life!!!!

Ashley from Los Angeles, CA

Life Changing!

I had amazing results from this product. Not only do I recover faster, but my times improved drastically. I had two races (cross country distance runner) since starting using SP2 and won both by more than 10 seconds. I feel stronger on my runs and have been in the middle of mileage increase. I am a believer!!! Thank you SP2, I'm so glad my PT (John) introduced me to your product!

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